Individual Counseling



We all have times in life when we need extra support and guidance. Being made in the image of God, we are meant to have peace and unity in our physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and relational lives. Because we live in an imperfect world with brokenness and pain, we experience different levels or disconnection or disunity. Counseling can lead to integration of all the aspects of our lives and to address problem areas, including:

Wounds from the past
Grief and loss
Relationship problems
Infertility and/or pregnancy loss


Transitions in life can bring up mixed feelings of joy, anticipation, loss, fear, and numbness.  Transitions can re-connect to wounds from the past or prompt questions and uncertainty. Counseling can be very helpful during times of transitions to process the experience, adjust to phases, and fully enter the next phase of life. Transitions can be big or small and can include: 

Birth/adoption of a child
Leaving home
Job change
A move
Change in work or family life