Family Counseling


relationship enhancement therapy

Certified in Relationship Enhancement Therapy, I use this educational approach to help couples and families communicate better. One of the main goals of good communication is to be both open and honest while being respectful and compassionate.  This approach can be helpful for almost any situation, but especially:

Addressing unresolved differences
Creating deeper connection
Working through tension
Healing from past hurts
Communicating with difficult people
Improving communication between parents and children


Parents love their children, want what is best for them, and desire to have a good relationship with them. While kids do not come with an instruction manual, there are wonderful resources available to strengthen the parent-child bond, learn to set effective limits, and improve the child’s self confidence and responsibility while promoting positive social behavior and creativity. With a certification in Child-Centered Play Therapy, I can help parents:

Strengthen the parent-child bond
Learn to set effective limits
Improve a child's self-confidence and responsibility
Promote positive social behavior
Support creativity

simplicity parenting


Certified as a Family Life Parenting Coach, I can help your family find more connection, creativity and relaxation by simplifying 4 areas of your home. 



De-cluttering the environment at home to reduce stress and increase creativity

Creating family rhythm to promote predictable moments for restand connection

Calming busy schedules to create more space for being rather than doing

Reducing influence of adult concerns (media, consumerism, etc.) to create space for childhood